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CMC: When connectivity is the most important thing

26 July, 2019

We are no longer in the information age; we have entered the era of information management.

In an increasingly interconnected world, providing a good response in real time is no longer an option or a competitive advantage in the digital race, it is an obligation for any company that aspires to be a benchmark in its sector.

For this reason, most large companies have Customized Management Centres [CMC] (Centros de Gestión Personalizada [CGP] in Spanish1 ) for their connectivity and telephony services, designed to give a fast and flexible response to any incident so that operations do not suffer delays.

CMCs are customer care and incident management services that telecoms companies offer their clients. These teams are dedicated to providing end-to-end management of the sound, data and IT data of the entire company. The services involve personalized attention in the event of any incident, for example, assistance to a client whose internet connection has failed, a fault in one of the company's computer programs or a telephone assistance service to solve queries. In the case of large companies, it is essential that any fault in a system should be sorted out quickly and efficiently because of the consequences it can entail. That is why it is important to be able to call on a professional, specialist team.

1 | The concept was devised by the Spanish telephone company Telefónica.


What a good CMC should offer: 24/7/365 in-house

For large companies, and those that need full guarantees in their telecommunications services, the phone companies provide CMC services on the client's premises. This way, the team can respond to any situation more quickly. Furthermore, technological tools are essential if a comprehensive service is to be offered, including the monitoring, supervision and management of incidents under a 24/7 system. Nowadays, CMCs use IT platforms that record any fault, and the people involved in resolving it can follow it up in real time. This kind of application creates a monitoring log with daily reports, generating useful information to improve the services.

Even so, the basis of a good CMC is undoubtedly the people who work in it. Qualified personnel who are able to deal with unexpected needs of a company is a key factor in ensuring the effective resolution of incidents. Increasingly, large companies require high-level professional profiles, including experts in cybersecurity who can deal with aspects related to IT security.


The perfect combination of people and the latest technologies

Dominion has extensive experience in providing customer care and management services in data connection, voice and IT technology systems. As a result, Telefónica entrusted its Customized Management Centres to Dominion for two of its major clients in Mexico, BBVA and OnStar. The differentiating elements of these teams are an immediate response to any incident, the use of the latest technology tools and skilled personnel working in the client's offices.

“Our teams are always based in our clients' offices, because that way they feel well attended and see that problems are solved much more quickly, because trained people are in place to solve any incident on their premises”, explains Efraín Velázquez, one of the directors of the Multi-Technical Services Area of Dominion.

In the case of BBVA, Dominion is present in three main buildings the bank has in Mexico City. Ten operators and two supervisors work in the offices, and the figures handled by the teams give an idea of the volume of the services provided: 1,189 lines in branches, integrated mobile telephony services with 11,550 lines and 151,000 point-of-sale terminal lines (the connections used to pay by credit card in shops).

As well as the certified personnel who work in the client's offices, Dominion's CMC team also have a personnel structure that monitors, supervises and administers the client's resources. This work is backed up by the use of technology tools that record and enable the monitoring of all incidents.


Constant monitoring to propose improvements

The CMCs of Dominion in BBVA and OnStar use the Smartsheet IT platform, a software that records all the information related to the services provided.

“It is a tool that allows us to update all the services in real time” says Efraín Velázquez. “It records the incident and updates the information so that all the people who participate in the process know the status, and a monitoring log is created that generates daily, weekly and monthly reports”.

These reports are delivered to clients on a regular basis, but they also enable the detection of recurring faults to propose improvements.

“If, for example, there is a point-of-sale terminal in a shop that fails frequently, we recommend to the client that they should review their network infrastructure to ensure that the signal works correctly”.

Dominion's CMC team also undertakes the monitoring of companies’ Wi-Fi networks, and if anything fails it has specialized personnel who review and identify the problem and then correct it.

“We use tools such as WhatsApp, where there is a group of people who learn about the fault immediately to follow up and solve it.", Mr Velázquez explains. "The priority is that the client has connectivity in its facilities at all times and that any incident is solved immediately”.

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