Business model

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies in order to change business models and obtain new incomes and opportunities that generate value

Dominion’s main objective is to make its clients’ production processes more efficient, whether by fully outsourcing them or by implementing solutions based on specialised technologies and platforms.

Operating segments

Dominion conducts business through two operating segments:


Multi-tecnical services "Services":

Dominion's Services segment manages entire business processes on behalf of its customers on an outsourcing basis. and tThe contracts entered into by this segment tend to have multi-year durations terms and to feature recurring revenues.

Specialized engineering solutions"Solutions":

The Solutions segment executes one-off projects designed to deliver comprehensive solutions or to improve specific business processes for customers but does not manage such projects or processes on an ongoing basis.

Fields of activity 


Approach to market

Dominion is on the market through 6 divisions that channel our range of solutions and services appropriately in the three fields of activity mentioned above:



The keys to our model:

Strong technology focus:

Dominion leverages its technological know how and innovation skills to help customers re-engineer and optimize a wide range of business processes. Through a "one-stop-shop" approach, Dominion continuously seeks to integrate both internally-developed and externally-sourced technologies in order to develop new services and solutions that can add value for its customers.

Operational leverage and scalability

Dominion seeks to create operational leverage and scalability by concentrating its technological and sectorial expertise and process intelligence "upstream" within its management platforms, supported by a lean and agile Shared Services structure, while empowering its decentralized middle management teams to emphasize cross-selling and cost base flexibility through a polyvalent workforce and a rational use of third-party subcontractors.


By maintaining its technological expertise and process intelligence at a central level, Dominion can apply its know how across diverse fields of activity fields and geographies on a "plug and play" basis (“transversality”).

Financial discipline

Dominion's management sets and enforces demanding performance targets that focus on strong cash flow generation, efficient working capital management and strict capex, research and development ("R&D") and merger and acquisition ("M&A") discipline.