"We are and do Sustainability"

Dominion Global

Creating a Positive Footprint

At DOMINION we are committed to controlling and reducing environmental risks and impact, by means of measurable and verifiable goals.


But it doesn't stop there. We have always strived to help our customers improve their efficiency and, as sustainability is now a crucial factor for efficiency, we also help them to improve their sustainability.


Protecting our Key Asset: People

DOMINION's success lies in more than 9,000 professionals; a diverse, highly qualified and committed team, with an equitable remuneration scheme, which does not tolerate discrimination. We believe in people. We are committed to their development in a healthy and safe working environment, where digitalisation plays an important role.


We strive to uphold respect for Human Rights across our activities and in our supply chain. We strive to maintain a healthy and proactive relationship with the communities where we operate.


Committed Governance

Here at DOMINION, our operations are carried out on an ethical and sustainable basis and we tolerate absolutely no kind of corruption, discrimination or competition-restricting practices.


DOMINION's Corporate Governance system is in line with the best practices of listed companies, and includes a representative board of directors, which oversees the implementation of our sustainability strategy and our compliance with tax obligations.

Our value proposal