A Sustainable Company

Climate change is a global concern and it is our responsibility to take action.

A Sustainable Company
Dominion Global

Climate Change

Part of DOMINION's Sustainability Strategy involves ongoing analysis of the effects of climate change. Based on this analysis, the company has drawn different conclusions that have served to improve its Strategy Plan.

On the one hand, we have adapted our solutions and services offer to better meet our customers' needs to become more efficient and more sustainable.

On the other hand, we have also developed a plan to address identified risks and to calculate and reduce our contribution to climate change.

Huella de carbono

Non-Financial Information; Carbon Footprint


Our ESG strategy includes a commitment to improving the quality of our non-financial reporting, an important part of this being the Non-Financial Information Statement, which is verified by an independent external expert, being an important part of this. To facilitate comparing the measured environmental effects, we are continually implementing the "Global Reporting Initiative" reporting standards and adapting them to our activity.

As part of this initiative, in 2020 we calculated the carbon footprint for the first time, taking all three scopes into account:

DOMINION 2020 Global Carbon Footprint Calculation                                    2020
Scope 1 8,017.75 Tn CO2
Scope 2 2,741.36 Tn CO2
Scope 3 1,252. 38 Tn CO2
Total Footprint 2020 12,011.48 Tn CO2



2020 audited details

Goals and Improvement Plans. Mitigation

In implementing its Strategy Plan, DOMINION has set various ESG objectives, the most important of these being to first accurately measure and then reduce the carbon footprint. It has also set itself the objective of reducing its carbon footprint to less than the equivalent of non-emitted fumes generated from its renewable energy production (handprint).


These commitments, the measured scopes and the measures taken to alleviate or remedy them are fully in line with the Sustainable Development Goals the company adopted as part its Board of Directors decision to sign the United Nations Global Compact.

ESG mitigacion

These objectives include DOMINION's various initiatives aimed towards reducing these emissions, which are as follows:


  • The creation of an office guide, which includes recommendations and obligations for the Company's offices and warehouses with regards to power and water consumption and recycling.
  • A firm commitment to digitalisation, a key component of DOMINION's DNA, with tremendous potential to reduce environmental impact.
  • Drawing up energy audits of its buildings and implementing the improvements to be made based on these audits.


ESIA experts for large projects

For large 360 projects, and in line with the project's characteristics and the customer's requirements, Dominion performs complex analyses to assess the social and environmental effect (ESIA: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment), abiding by the strictest international standards (IFC) and this is verified by third parties. These plans are backed up by a range of improvement, compensation and restoration measures that are all closely monitored.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Both those risks related with climate change and the environmental and social risks directly related to our activity are included in the risk analysis that the company performs on a regular basis and the results are included in the company's risk management system.

Environmental Aspects  
 - General approach to the environment  GRI [103]
 - Pollution  GRI [103; 102-11; 305-1; 305-2; 305-3]
 - Circular economy and the prevention and management of waste  GRI [103]
 - Sustainable use of resources  GRI [103; 301-1; 303-5]
 - Climate change  GRI [103; 302-2]
 - Protection of biodiversity  GRI [103; 304-2]