Safety is vital to all our operations

Dominion Global

Workplace safety must play a critical role at all companies, but at DOMINION we strive to make this issue on of our distinguishing factors, implementing our standards in all the geographies and sectors we operate in, always relying on digitalisation.


Relying on digitalisation


DOMINION is committed to the health, safety and well-being of its employees. Accordingly, our main goal is to to minimise the accident rate by ensuring compliance with the labour regulations in force on this subject and in each geographical area, the implementation of training plans in line with job and workplace characteristics, fostering preventive culture and ensuring the necessary human and technical resources to monitor the health of our employees.


We strive for safety to serve as a distinguishing factor which is why we rely on digital tools whereby the degree of compliance of people and facilities can be verified quickly. This facilitates quick decision-making for improvements, when required. A commitment that we apply to outsourced companies. 

seguridad digitalizacion dominion

Accident indicators


Our extensive geographical and sectoral distribution requires extra effort to ensure appropriate monitoring of compliance with corporate principles, as well as obtaining information required to make improvement-focused decisions.

Our commitment to digitalisation means that we are able to monitor a significant amount of sustainability indicators regarding safety which we publish in the Non-Financial Information Statement every year.



Accident data


     2019    2018
   Total  Men  Women  Total  Men  Women
Accidents 122   98 24 98  97  1
Frequency rate 6.3 7.2 2.6   22.1 22.1
Severity rate  0.4 0.4  0,2  0.88  0.9 
Accident rate during the working day  1.135 1.168 537  3.705  3.705  0