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Gas & air regulation systems

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One of the most important activity scopes that Dominion E&C performs from the Gas & Combustion business unit is the development of complete Gas and Air regulation systems and networks for controlling combustion industrial processes. Under this business line we handle projects related to change of fuels, such as conversion of standard pulverized coal & fuel boilers into gas boilers, fuel lines converted to LNG, etc.

Typical Scopes Include:

  • Gas and Air Regulation System Skids
  • Revamping of Facilities, Burners Modifications
  • Industrial Burners for Special Ovens & Boilers, Bi/Tri-Fuel Combustion Systems
  • High Power Range Modulation Combustion Systems
  • Burners Start-up and Maintenance
  • Pressure, Temperature, Control, Measuring and Regulating Systems
  • Change of Fuel Systems

Engineering capacity for regulating systems range of services include:

  • Recommendations to Reduce Operating Costs
  • Assessment of Needs for Gas, Air and Combustion Regulation Systems
  • Conception of Burner and Regulating Facilities
  • Turnkey Natural Gas Facilities (Piping, Regulation and Metering)