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Dominion has performed design, construction, maintenance, and demolition services for natural draft cooling towers since the 1930’s. Nearly 60 towers have been built or repaired by the Dominion E&C Tall Structures Team.

Cooling Tower Design & Engineering

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Cooling tower experience

Our involvement with cooling towers began in 1931 with the construction of a tower in the United Kingdom, and since 1965 the group has built all of the new towers in that country. Most recently we built a 180m high tower for a new power station in Belchatow, Poland, and two new 185m towers for a power station in Opole, Poland. Our team of engineers have experience in constructing both dry and wet cooling towers and in the packing of the cooling elements inside the towers.

Specialized Access Equipments

Besides the structural design of the tower, expertise is required for use of the access system. We have developed hydraulic climbing equipment that provides two complete levels of walkways around the tower both, internally and externally. The system has been improved over many years and allows the construction team to produce one complete lift of 1.5m height every working day. This access system facilitates the concreting of the shell walls and still today the system is one of only three that are being used around the world.

Engineering & Construction services

  • Structural Engineering & Detailed Design
  • Project Execution & Planning
  • Project Management & Supervision
  • Provision of Materials & Special Equipment
    • Concrete Shell Construction
    • Fill Assembly & Installation
    • Distribution Piping
    • Fans & Heat Exchanger Bundles
  • Inspections
  • Repairs & Upgrades
  • Partial and Complete Demolition
  • Solutions in Emergency Situations

Natural Draft Towers Inspections, Repairs & Demolitions

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Inspections, repairs & demolitions

Large reinforced concrete cooling towers have been used extensively in the power industry for decades. Due to age, process and environmental conditions, reinforcement within their relatively thin concrete shell experiences corrosion, leading to spalling and other damaging effects.

We utilize our extensive knowledge and experience with rigging, inspecting, and repairing tall concrete structures to provide similar solutions for these massive towers. Due to the sheer volume of surface area, we can implement an inspection program that includes visual examination, topographical measurements and surface mapping of the interior and exterior of the shell.

With the advent of advancing technology, systems such as cathodic protection can be introduced to control corrosion-related problems, which helps reduce structural failure events that can result in lost power generation, high repair costs, and/or personal injury.

Access equipment

We’ve developed special equipment to access all areas of the cooling tower’s unique shape, both interior and exterior surfaces, including the tower’s supporting columns. There is virtually no area of a cooling tower that cannot be accessed and repaired utilizing combinations of this specialty access equipment.

Dry Cooling systems

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Dry Cooling Technologies

Air Cooled Condensers (ACCs) & Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHEs)

There are many reasons why Dry Cooling Systems are gaining popularity as a power plant design option. The use of these technologies limits water usage which positively impacts environmental conservation, and important value Dominion shares with our clients. Water shortage, combined with environmental concerns about water pollution is forcing many plants to retrofit existing power generating facilities with dry cooling options. These technologies also appeal to new development as it increases plant siting options and may reduce the time required to obtain construction permits as water issues no longer apply.

We have been working with customers around the world erecting these specialized systems for almost 15 years. Utilizing our global network of resources, our team is able to provide project management, supervision, and field erection services for ACCs and ACHEs.

Erection Services Include:

  • Concrete Foundations
  • Steel Erection & Fabrication
  • Crane Hoisting & Rigging
  • Equipment Installation
  • Pipe Installation & Pipe Welding
  • Material Management
  • System Testing & Start-Up Services
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers