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Structural Relocations

Nuestra amplia experiencia como contratista especializado en estructuras altas nos ha permitido transferir nuestro conocimiento de ladrillo, piedra, acero y hormigón al complejo trabajo de reubicaciones estructurales.

Nuestros ingenieros aplican su comprensión de la ingeniería estructural, estructuras de peso muerto e izados a nuestros proyectos de reubicación estructural. Nuestra experiencia con la gestión de proyectos y supervisión de campo y mano de obra, junto con nuestra red de socios de movimientos estructurales nos ha permitido reubicar cientos de estructuras de varios tamaños, formas, pesos y composición de materiales.

Types of Relocation Projects:

  • Residential Estates
  • Commercial Buildings (restaurants, theaters, museums, firehouses, other)
  • Lighthouses
  • Monuments
  • Arches
  • Churches

Historic preservation & restoration

Through our experience of restoring Historic Registered and Landmark properties, we understand the unique archeological concerns and procedures associated with performing excavations around culturally sensitive sites, as well as procedures associated with photographing, match marking, documenting, dismantling and re-constructing buried cultural resources.

Our passion and commitment to preserving history is demonstrated through our ability to problem-solve restoration obstacles while taking the utmost care to preserve, restore, or salvage the historic fabric of the structure.

Types of Historic Preservation Projects:

  • Lighthouses
  • Churches
  • Murals
  • Monuments
  • Lodges

Other structures and services

Dominion's long history and expertise with tall structures allows us to offer  wide variety of associated technologies in addition to our core products and services.  Our technical expertise, knowledge of specialized construction techniques and extensive network of resources around the globe allow us to offer a complete set of solutions to our customers.

Other Tall Structures Include:

  • Stair Towers
  • Structural Steel Towers
  • Airport Control Towers
  • Water Towers
  • Stacking Tubes
  • Large Structure Concrete Repairs (bridges, prill towers, etc.)
  • Civil Works (piling, excavation, foundations, other)