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Compression & liquifaction stations

Skid mounted compression & liquifaction stations

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Dominion has relevant experience and knowledge of the design and manufacture of skid mounted compression and liquefaction stations (also known as “Mini-LNG Plants”).

  • Production Capacity:
    • 22 to 140 Tn/day Mini-LNG Plant
    • 140 to 288 Tn/day Standard-LNG Plant
  • Pressure: 3-15 bar, Other Pressures Upon Request
  • Customers: Oil & Gas
  • Contract Model: EPC

We design both single mixed refrigerant (smr) & N2-expander systems


  • Non-flammable refrigerants can be applied
  • Easy to operate for switch on and off
  • Less number of equipment required
  • Widely used in Peak-shaving plant
  • Lower efficiency, lower productivity
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Rotating equipment can be very big when the capacity is big

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  • Higher efficiency, higher productivity
  • Less number of rotating equipment applied
  • Compact modulated design preferred
  • Flexible for feed in gas composition
  • Flammable refrigerant applied
  • Extra care should be taken
  • Hard to get refrigerant in some areas

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