Dominion T&T Services

Efficient management of production process based on know-how

With more than 20 years of experience in providing services in the field, plus full-spectrum service centres, we help to introduce new technology in society, narrowing the digital divide and providing the public with new services.

Key factors / Technologies

  • Technological assets
  • Knowledge-based
  • Human capital

  • Communications network infrastructure engineering
  • Operation and maintenance of communications networks
  • Network consulting and auditing 
  • Process management
    Massive roll-outs of ICT equipment in the educational, healthcare and justice sectors
  • Help-desk services
  • Site and contract management

Projects/ Case studies

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Innovate technology services in processes - Perú

We applied our model of innovation, industry know-how and technology capacity to create a platform allowing efficient management of:

  • 600 people

  • 450 vehicles

  • 1800 tickets a day

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Innovate services in the banking sector - Mexico

Innovative branch design. 

Innovative security systems: iris scanning, smart laser perimeter control.

Own ticketing tool. Integrated with on-site services:


  • 1.600 branches

  • 23 CPAEs

  • 600 metropolitan CPAE cameras

  • 1 single control centre

  • 800 tickets a month. SLA management

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Work audit service - Brazil

Development of assessment department:

  • 200 people conducting assessments

  • 6.500 projects a month assessed

  • 15% new build 85% maintenance

  • Control system developed in-house:

    • - Indicators generated on the basis of assessments
    • - Two-way with VIVO
    • - Smart system to allow constant improvement


Full-spectrum service centre

Incident management, provision, monitoring, updating and maintenance of networks as well as field engineering management.

Site management

Monitoring, supervision and control of work

Installation services

Installation of equipment and networks both on customer’s site (central sites, control centres) and on end-user sites (homes)

Maintenance services

Maintenance of telecommunications and control networks for different sectors: telecommunications, banking, energy and others.

Network roll-out and construction

Construction of core telecommunications networks: rings and terminal branches using fibre optics, including both internal and external systems and coaxial cabling

Access control systems

Supply, installation and maintenance of systems to prevent and restrict access


Project management office. Design, standardisation and optimisation of resources and processes


Analysis, design, redesign, optimisation and implementation of production processes (roles – tools – procedures) with the aim of increasing efficiency

Help-Desk services

Support services to manage and resolve incidents

Massive deployments of ICT equipment in the education, healthcare and justice sectors

Introduction of new technology and new digital services



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