Investing in occupational safety

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Dominion is committed to the health, safety and well-being of its employees, in order to minimise the accident rate, by ensuring compliance with the labour regulations in force on this subject and in each geographical area, the implementation of training plans in line with job and workplace characteristics, fostering preventive culture and ensuring the necessary human and technical means to guarantee preventive planning implementation. The objective is to promote personal health and health monitoring for all employees.

Dominion seeks to develop this into one of its distinguishing factors, offering its high standards to all geographical areas and sectors where it operates, with the intensive use of digital tools whereby the degree of compliance of people and facilities can be verified quickly. This facilitates quick decision-making for improvements, when required.

This emphasis on excellence in occupational safety also applies to the companies that Dominion outsources, who the same standards apply to. This is both as this is on of Dominion's core principles and as it is a regular requirement of Dominion's customers, who are typically leaders in their fields of activity.

For more information regarding this issue please check out section 7.3 of the NFIS.

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