Education: a key factor in our social commitment

La Educación: clave de nuestro compromiso social

As a company with a social commitment and a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Dominion strives to spearhead change so as to develop our society. Accordingly, as well as contributing to progress and quality of life through its business activities, it develops and engages in other activities of social interest in collaboration with non-profit organisations.

Dominion's community projects focus on technology education, consistent with the guidelines set out by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

This approach has allowed for a more consistent and Company-related form of community development and has also given rise to a wide range of potential forms of interaction and greater visibility.

Proyecto “Surcos en el desierto” KENIA

"Furrows in the Desert" Project - KENYA

It takes part in a programme which consists in providing training courses to men and women, where they learn about all aspects of agriculture. On completing the course, they are given a complementary kit (tools and 500m2 of land).

El proyecto ‘Hagamos una escuela’ en SENEGAL

“Let’s build a school” in Senegal

In keeping with this idea of supporting education, Dominion continues to collaborate with the 'Foundation' to implement the 'Let's Build a School' project in Senegal.

This entails designing and building a new school in Thionck-Essyl, Senegal, combining local raw materials, traditional construction methods and current building techniques so as to achieve efficient and sustainable architecture.

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TEDx UDeusto

TEDx events are independently organized and contribute to pooling ideas in communities around the world.

TEDXDEUSTO goals are: revolutionising education and teaching, inspiring our community, educating young people in collaboration, teamwork and goal-oriented values, improving “Soft Skills”, it covers aspects such as: The Environment and Sustainability, Technology and Innovation, the future, equality, culture, CSR...

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A collaboration agreement between Dominion and the University of Mondragon

Development and actions to promote STEAM Education and to this end Dominion, in conjunction with the University of Mondragon, is co-ordinating endeavours and resources relating to the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE EUSKADI educational programme.

Otros impactos en la Comunidad

Other effects on the Community

Dominion is a member of a number of associations, which protect its interests as well as providing access to other training activities, discussion forums, business opportunities, R&D&I, news coverage, etc.