As a business oriented towards improving its customers’ industrial processes, Dominion must constantly innovate and adapt to technological change on a global market where the only sure thing is change. The kind of people we are looking for must have a strong ability to adapt and be concerned about technology and how to apply it.

Our People

The people that make up Dominion  are what drive the company’s growth and our leading position in the industry is thanks to them.


Relations are based on mutual trust, respect and clear recognition of everybody’s dignity, as laid down in the group’s Code of Professional Conduct.


Dominionmakes equality, cultural diversity, the struggle against discrimination and support for equal opportunities part of the way it manages its human capital, and the management model it uses in this area is based on respect for and compliance with universal standards in terms of both human rights and employment rights, respecting freedom of association and encouraging the existence of trade union representation on all its sites around the world.

Principles for action

principios de actuación

Dominion is governed by employment legislation in each country and by the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.Thus, it rejects child labour and forced labour in any form, allows no discrimination in employment and supports free trade unionism and the right to collective bargaining.


Dominion carries on all its activities in accordance with a respect for human rights and undertakes to do the following:

To avoid discriminatory practices: Dominion undertakes to ensure a work environment free from discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, marital status or social/economic status.


To reject the use of forced or child labour: Dominion undertakes to ensure that no cases of forced or child labour arise in any of its activities. It further undertakes to comply with employment legislation in the countries where it operates and, where appropriate, take corrective measures.


To offer decent employment: Dominion undertakes to pay its employees decently, in line with their skills and knowledge. Furthermore, CIE Automotive undertakes to comply with labour legislation in all the places where it operates and, as far as possible, establish measures to favour flexible working hours.


To protect people’s health: Dominion undertakes to offer its employees a safe, healthy working environment by complying scrupulously with applicable legal requirements.


To facilitate collective bargaining and freedom of association: Dominion respects its employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. As far as possible the group will facilitate its employees being able to freely meet and discuss relevant matters related to their employment.





Conduct Code

Internal Code of Professional Conduct

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