Innovation in DOMINION’s DNA

Technological vitality focused on the generation of efficiency

R+D+i is a basic element in the strategy of DOMINION, which maintains and develops an advanced level of technological vitality as key to its positioning and consolidation in the market.

DOMINION is based on knowledge, advances in technology, its skills in industrial research, the ability to develop and collaborate with research centres and universities to help customers optimize their production processes.

DOMINION develops innovative solutions by providing adequate responses to the digital revolution in order to generate efficiency.


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Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the coast.

André Gide

( Nobel Prize for literature in 1947)​

Lines of investigation

  • Smart factory

    Manufacturing management / Virtual Manufacturing / Energy efficiency

    In the Industry 4.0 environment, Dominion develops complete solutions from the digitalization of the industrial process to the application of efficiency based on the analysis of data.

  • Energy


    Management and maintenance systems of renewable energy production plants.

  • Artificial vision

    Process assurance / Critical events detection

    Development of innovative products for the control and minimization of risk in facilities, processes and people.

  • Smart house

    Services for the home

    Through the Smart concept in Dominion we develop online service platforms that allow you to manage and save on domestic services and household supplies.

  • Health

    Hospital management / Medical decision support

    Systems focused on patient safety in hospital environments through comprehensive pharmacy and dietetics management, emergency services and support systems for medical decisions.

  • Banking

    e-banking and regulatory compliance

    Automation of banking processes based on efficient management of regulatory compliance and development of banking platforms.

  • Management

    Technical services

    Development of platforms that allow improving the efficiency of our clients' production processes.

  • Civil protection

    Early warning / Environment

    Based on the quality of the environmental data in Dominion, we develop systems for meteorological observation, environmental quality and early warning.