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Smart cities and electric vehicles, an energy revolution that is going ahead at full speed


Clean and sustainable, with lighting systems that switch on by demand, sensors that detect flooding risks from drainage systems, devices that provide information on free parking spaces, traffic signals that communicate with drivers and anti-pollution measures that are triggered by air quality readings.

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High value-added Maintenance and Industrial Cleanings for an 360...


Industrial maintenance processes and cleaning services are essential for highly specialised facilities of critical sectors such as the chemical or the refinery sector as they contribute to preserve the efficiency level of the production processes. They ensure that the equipment is kept in good condition of use, increases its useful life, minimize the need for repairs and play a critical role in the management of industrial waste to improve environmental sustainability.

And the electricity bill went "click"


Click is the most recognisable onomatopoeia for the sound of a switch being turned on. Click and darkness become a scenario that human sight cannot decipher. Click and shadows convert into meanings. Unfortunately, this brief gesture, so simple and effective, is often accompanied by an electricity bill that not even Thomas Edison would have been able to decipher.