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Industry 4.0 identifying problems and finding solutions


Not long ago we were talking about IoT (Internet of Things) and its relevance and impact in our life, as well as the main role that this technology has in Dominion. Now it´s Industry 4.0´s turn and how the called ‘4th industrial revolution’ (KPMG's report, ‘Beyond the hype’) influences our day to day life. But let’s start by finding out the most important point… What do we mean by Industry 4.0?

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KAIXO, Mexico’s biggest solar park built by Dominion


The park, that has installed a 65.000Kw power thanks to 204.060 panels, is the first finished project of the Energy Projects line, one of Dominion’s youngest ones.

Dominion gets a good reception in the Informe Reporta in 2017


In its first year in the ranking the quality of the information that the company puts at the disposal of its interest groups has been positively valued