The Share and it´s Capital Stock

DOMINION GLOBAL ACCESS, S.A.  has share capital amounting to 21.187.120,38€, divided into 169.496.963 shares at a par value of 0,125€ each, all of them of the same class and series.

The shares of DOMINION GLOBAL ACCESS, S.A.  are listed on the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia stock exchanges and traded through the Automated Quotation System (Continuous Market).





Annual Capital Stock

Annual Capital Stock 21.187.120,38€

Latest changes of the capital stock

Capital Increases Starting Capital Stock Resulting Capital Stock
Capital increase May 27, 2016 20.545.753,125€


Capital increase April 26, 2016 13.702.687,50€ 20.545.753,125€
Capital increase at the General Meeting of Shareholders April 4, 2016  13.176.769,58€ 13.702.687,50€

Principal Shareholders and Treasury Stock

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Significant shareholdings and treasury stock 


Payment Date Ex-Dividend Gross Total Dividend Gross Type and concept
06/07/2020 02/07/2020 0,0648 € per share Dividend for 2019