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Dominion, founded in 1999, has grown to become a global provider of multitechnology services and specialised engineering solutions. It combines knowhow, technology and innovation to help its customers make their productive processes more efficient, either by fully outsourcing them (“Services”) or by implementing solutions underpinned by specialised technology and platforms (“Solutions”).

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Dominion’s hallmark traits


    Application of know-how, technology and innovation to improve customers’ productive processes. Focus on selective digitalisation as a tool for driving efficiency gains.


    Stable presence in 35 countries with the ability to execute projects anywhere in the world. Services and Solutions in three lines of activity: T&T, Industry and Energy.


    Focus on cash conversion. Strong and healthy capital structure that guarantees the company’s independence and ability to tackle largescale projects.


    Active player in ongoing sector consolidation. Proven ability to integrate teams and absorb new sources of margin contribution. Lean management model

Dominion's Pledges

Dominion’s overriding mission is to combine know-how, technology and innovation to help its customers make their productive processes more efficient, either by outsourcing them or by implementing solutions, including specialised engineering solutions. Dominion underpins its leadershi with a sustainable business model, i.e., one that reconciles its financial performance with its stakeholders’ interests, respect for its natural surroundings and development of its business communities.

Continuous improvement of its own and its customers’ processes in order to help deliver increasingly digitalised and efficient management.

Promotion of participation, involvement and motivated teamwork in a pleasant, safe work environment

Responsibility and integrity, and a commitment to a job well done.

Transparency, safety and quality in everything it does.

Respect for the environment, striving to minimise all environmental ramifications.

Respect for individuals and their initiative, creativity and originality.

Dominion's Corporate Culture

Dominion puts its commitments and goals into practice by upholding the internationally-recognised ethical, social and environmental responsibility principles endorsed by the United Nations Global Compact. It became a signatory of the Global Compact in 2015 through its parent. Dominion’s corporate social responsibility objectives transcend the company itself as a significant number of its solutions and services are designed to foster community well-being and to improve relations between companies and their stakeholders.

Dominion wants to be:

A benchmark for quality, technology, design and service.

Excellent at managing.

An exemplary sustainable business through its commitment to people, the environment, society and value creation.

Entrepreneurial spirit: operational decentralization that promotes autonomy, responsibility and flexibility.

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