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Dominion engages in business relations with people and organisations that form part of its social ecosystem in a seamless and transparent fashion. It strives to become a transforming agent in those communities it operates in, making progress and creating social welfare by means of its activities by creating jobs, hiring suppliers, building relationships with customers, paying taxes, and improving the quality of life of those people affected by its business operations and by projects which directly affect the communities. Dominion collaborates with the communities based on its community development activities, the main emphasis of which being education.

The management of human resources takes on particular significance in a Global Company such as Dominion. Accordingly, Dominion sees its professionals as a strategic asset and it has designed and implemented a human resources management framework that promotes corporate efficiency and purposes by conveying the corporate culture, values and policies as they appear in the Fundamental Principles of Human Rights.

In line with all this, the management of human resources is governed by respect for diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, promotion of decent, quality employment, rejection of child and forced labour, respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining, and by the alignment of professional interests with the Company's strategic objectives.

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Nuestros Profesionales

Gestionamos un equipo humano diverso y en constante crecimiento.



*Plantilla directa

+73 Nacionalidades


50% de incremento de la diversidad de género en puestos directivos


+22%de la plantilla menor de 30 años

Apuesta por la diversidad

Dominion apuesta por la Diversidad como pilar fundamental en el ámbito de Recursos Humanos. Esta diversidad e internacionalización genera una ventaja competitiva frente a otras compañías del sector, lo que permite atraer y retener el mejor talento.


Diversidad de nacionalidades

Dominion está presente con plantilla directa en 23 países, con una representación de 73 nacionalidades, que implica una aportación de valor en un entorno multicultural.

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Diversidad de género

Destacar el compromiso que Dominion adquiere en potenciar la presencia femenina en puestos de liderazgo, así durante el 2019 se ha incrementado un 50%. Esto supone un logro a resaltar dada la masculinización en los sectores en los que opera Dominion y la idiosincrasia de género en los países en los que tiene más presencia.

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Diversidad generacional

Dominion es un ejemplo de diversidad generacional, lo que hace que actualmente convivan cuatro generaciones de profesionales que se integran de manera natural, contribuyendo según su grado de experiencia. Las generaciones más veteranas aportan y enseñan a las generaciones más jóvenes gracias a su experiencia, a través de programas de mentoring. Las nuevas generaciones contribuyen con una mayor capacidad de emprendimiento y digitalización. En el 2019 la presencia de menores de 30 años es un 22,24% sobre el total, siendo superior a la del ejercicio anterior.

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La tecnología como base para coordinar una plantilla diversa

Technology-based coordination of a diverse workforce

Dominion relies on technology to manage an extremely diverse workforce, geographically, sectorially and culturally speaking.

Also, given the fact that Dominion's identity, with digitalisation being one of the cornerstones of the 4 "Ds" governing the company, People and Culture has strongly invested in capturing and recruiting technological expertise, and this has become one of the goals for Dominion's future growth and progress.


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Investing in occupational safety

Companies must make occupational safety a critical concern, but Dominion strives to establish this as one of its distinguishing features, extending its strict standards to all the regions and sectors it operates in, relying heavily on digitalisation.

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Our Positive Footprint

A significant portion of Dominion's business involves supplying its customers with solutions which improve the communities it operates in. This is the case with sanitary equipment, civil protection projects or with improving access to communications or the electricity supply.

All of the above are grounds for asserting that Dominion has a positive footprint.

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ESIA experts for large projects

For large projects, known as 360 projects, and depending on the project's characteristics and the customer's requirements, Dominion can also perform complex environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment), performed pursuant to the strictest international standards (IFC).

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A sustainable supply chain

Dominion makes its Supplier Code of Conduct available to its main suppliers, requesting that they not only sign adhesion documents, but also provide sufficient information regarding the measures they are taking.

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Customers: long-term relationship

Over a thousand companies around the world are benefiting from Dominion's comprehensive range of multi-technical services and engineering solutions to improve the efficiency of their production processes. Moreover, millions of people also have access to the "one stop shop" household offer. The management is different in each case, but both involve the pursuit of excellence and a long-term relationship built on trust.

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Education: a key factor in our social commitment

Dominion's community projects focus on technology education, consistent with the guidelines set out by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

This approach has allowed for a more consistent and Company-related form of community development and has also given rise to a wide range of potential forms of interaction and greater visibility.

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Matters addressed in the 2019 Non-Financial Information Statement

Subject GRI Non-Financial Information Statement
Social Issues and Human Resources   Page 44-72
-Employment GRI [102-8; 103; 401-1; 405-1; 405-2] Page 45-59
- Work organisation GRI [103; 403-2] Page 60-61
- Health and safety GRI [103; 403-2; 403-3] Page 62-63
- Social relationships GRI [102-41; 103; 403-4] Page 64-65
- Training GRI [103; 404-1] Page 66-67
- Universal accessibility for disabled people GRI [103] Page 68
- Equality GRI [103] Page 69-72