The company was set up in 1999 as a technology firm focused on providing value-added services and solutions for specialist customers in the telecommunications industry. In this highly competitive, fast-moving sphere, Dominion was forced to adapt to accelerating innovation, the commoditisation of technology and tight margins by pursuing an agile response to its customers’ needs that combines financial profitability with strict control of costs.

Dominion has grown and managed to transfer these skills and methodologies, which are now part of its value proposition, to other sectors. Today it has become a global supplier of specialist multi-technology engineering services and solutions with a leading position in certain market segments.


Since it joined the CIE Automotive group in 2011, Dominion has effected several takeovers to diversify its business. The purchase of Beroa (industrial applied energy services and solutions), Bilcan (commercial services) and Global Near (digital solutions) are some of the most important acquisitions. 2016 was a year of important integrations like the acquisition of Abantia activities, CDI and ICC companies in the USA, Protisa activities and the integration of Scorpio team.


Overall, Dominion and Beroa have completed more than 30 mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, and the group’s geographical footprint has expanded to cover more than 30 countries.


Historia de DOMINION


"Dominion has successfully taken over more than 30 businesses and pursued JVs with various partners"