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Outotec refractory installation in flash furnace

The total repair of the flash furnace consisted of the installation of 1500 tons of refractory material including mortars, concrete, insulating and dense bricks, performed in a 30 days’ time period, complying with the highest standards of Safety and Quality to achieve total customer satisfaction.

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When requesting the technical specifications, the total demolition of vaults, walls and part of the floor, it was considered using Brokk mobile demolition equipment to ensure delivery times. The main equipment with its corresponding back up, was a John Deere 35D, and for the evacuation of debris, it was used a Bobcat S185. On the left side of the furnace, a "discharge pipeline" was installed for the evacuation of debris from the furnace floor to level 0, adapting the base with metal plates of a thickness of 3/8". Additionally, on the right side of the furnace, it was used a Bobcat S185 to discharge the debris to a dump truck that was located on the formation floor.

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Project Data

Project Name & Location:
Refractory Installation in a Copper Flash Furnace
Customer Name:
Outotec – Mexicana de Cobre plant - Mexico
Owner Name:
Grupo Mexico

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