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Dominion's impact on the environment is extremely low, as it performs very few manufacturing activities or activities which directly affect the environment.

Even so, Dominion is strongly committed to protecting the environment and works towards minimising any direct negative impact its activities may have on the environment. Accordingly, it carries out all activities in such a way as to minimise any impact, in line with its Quality and Environmental Policy. It also monitors and takes any appropriate control and reduction measures to address any detected impact.

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As part of its ESG strategy, Dominion is committed to a continuous improvement plan of non-financial information quality, which includes the information collected on this website as well as the annually prepared update..



15.205.018KW / H




Our photovoltaic projects replace other forms of energy that give off GHGs



1.808.042KG OF CO2

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Our Positive Footprint

Much of Dominion's business specifically involves offering its customers’ solutions which improve both their energy efficiency and reduce their impact on the environment. All of the above are grounds for asserting that Dominion has a positive footprint.

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ESIA experts for large projects

For large projects, known as 360 projects, and depending on the project's characteristics and the customer's requirements, Dominion can also perform complex environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment), performed pursuant to the strictest international standards (IFC).

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A sustainable supply chain

Dominion makes its Quality and Environmental Policy available to its main suppliers, requesting that they not only sign adhesion documents, but also provide sufficient information regarding the measures they are taking.

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ISO 14000 Certificates

Dominion has a Quality Department that deals with any certification requests made by the Company's customers. This team is also in charge of obtaining any environmental certificates that may be required (ISO14000 essential), on a case-by-case basis.

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