Over the past few decades, world consumption of LNG has increased more than five-fold and it is predicted that this growth will continue to be very strong. The growing demand from large markets combined with the increasing popularity in a number of other smaller markets has resulted in the development of many new LNG facilities throughout the world.

There is currently much activity underway in the LNG supply chain in preparation for current and predicted demands. To support this market Dominion can provide comprehensive build services for full containment LNG storage tanks. We can deliver projects on a lump-sum basis using in house resources to provide project planning and management, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning and operator training.


Global Presence

With offices worldwide, we have the resources to build LNG storage tanks in any location and under all types of logistical constraints. Dominion’s integrated resources and global presence translate into low-risk, high-value LNG construction solutions for our customers.

LNG Tanks Design & Construction