Different cybersecurity agencies have alerted of a significant spike in malware campaigns that use themes related to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic to infect individuals and organizations around the world.

Currently, there are more than 24,000 registered domains on the Internet that contain the terms: "coronavirus", "corona-virus", "covid19" and "covid-19". Of them, more than half, 16,000, were created on March (10,000 in the last week). Some of them are for legitimate purposes but others are devoted to carrying out spam, phishing or ransomware campaigns.

It has also been detected that some Trojans such as Trickbot and Emotet have evolved their techniques to evade detection, using COVID related warnings.

We ask all employees and collaborators to please act with special caution these days when receiving emails on this matter with attachments and internet links, notifying suspicious emails through the enabled channels (mailboxing, paying special attention to notifications that are distributed through this channel.


Remember that no official body will ever request personal data through email, SMS or instant messaging; do not provide them neither follow the links included in these messages.


industrial data

Check that the web pages you visit always start with “https” and that they contain a closed padlock in the navigation bar.


industrial data

Remember that the laptop is a working tool. Do not install programs not related to your duties. Very specifically, do not download COVID related attachments or applications...


industrial data

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