Abside Smart Financial Technologies, a company owned by DOMINION, signs and investment agreement with Smartme Analytics

23 / 01 / 2019

Abside has signed an investment agreement with the Spanish start-up Smartme Analytics

Through this operation, in which it acquires 70% of the capital of Smartme Analytics, DOMINION strengthens its value proposition and capabilities focused on data management and the digitalisation of processes for the B2C sector, and Abside expands its range of digital solutions and services for the banking and insurance sector.

Smartme Analytics, based in Madrid, offers a technology platform that performs real-time monitoring of the experiences of thousands of consumers on their mobile devices and provides new and critical information for decision-making in companies’ business and marketing areas. The technology records the DNA of consumers and enables brands to access unprecedented knowledge on consumer behaviour and the competitive environment to develop more personalised products and services and communicate more effectively through the most powerful media.

The Spanish start-up, which has already incorporated leading clients and companies in the banking and retail sectors into its portfolio, will maintain its present management and team and will receive financial and operational support from DOMINION to boost its growth in Spain and on the international level.

 “This investment strengthens our position as a key player in the digital transformation process, which we are taking on in two ways: through our own initiatives, aimed at creating solutions to digitalise business processes, such as the development of our RegTech division, or by taking a majority participation in start-ups where we are looking to retain talent, maintain their flexible and disruptive profile and support them financially and operationally to accelerate and consolidate their growth”, explains Ignacio Hernández, the Director of Abside.

Abside Smart Financial Technologies was born from the alliance between DOMINION and Rural Servicios Informáticos (RSI), a baking IT company that designs, develops and manages solutions and services for financial entities in Grupo Caja Rural and other clients. Among the solutions in Abside’s portfolio are RegTech, Core Bancario, Robotics, Digital Sales & Marketing and other solutions for the insurance sector.