Slipform construction provides the customer with a cost-efficient, proven, and reliable construction process that offers critical advantages regarding time schedules, space requirements and flexibility of structural shapes. Slipforming is the preferred technology for tall, time-sensitive, monolithic concrete structures



Slipform Construction


We use our own cylindrical and conical sets of slipform systems that can be used multiple times and include hydraulic jacking system, formwork material, yokes and required decks. Concrete is poured continuously, 24/7 if necessary, into a single form that is steadily elevated to create the designed form. This technology features low manpower needs, safe execution and small tolerances monitored by lasers, and reduces construction time and costs. These monolithic structures are free from joints, and each structure is designed and built according to our customer’s unique requirements.

We deliver fully integrated solutions for engineering, design, construction, inspection, and maintenance services.


Slipform 1




  • Concrete chimneys
  • Cooling towers
  • Wind towers
  • Solar towers
  • Silos and other storage facilities
  • LNG tanks and biomass tanks
  • ACC columns
  • Bridge pylons
  • Bunkers
  • Stair towers
  • Airport control towers
  • Prilling towers
  • Any tall structure with large variable shape


Slipform advantages:

  • Tapered & straight columns
  • Large diameter shells
  • Non-circular shapes
  • Time sensitive projects
  • Aesthetic designs
  • Custom shapes

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