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DOM Share Price

Our Share Capital

GLOBAL DOMINION ACCESS, S.A.'s share capital is € 21,187,120.38 divided into 169,496,963 shares each with a face value of 0.125 euros, all of the same class and series.

GLOBAL DOMINION ACCESS, S.A. shares are listed on the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia stock exchanges via the Stock Exchange Interconnection System (Continuous Market). 

Significant Shareholdings and Treasury Stock

  • Significant shareholdings 47%

  • Treasury stock 2%

  • Remaining capital 51%

Significant Shareholdings and Treasury Stock78 Kb


Remuneration Policy
The Board of Directors, in the context of the Strategic Plan 2019-2023, approved for the first time the distribution of a dividend in the amount of approximately 1/3 of the consolidated net profit of the previous year.
Payment date Ex-dividend gross               Total dividend gross Type and concept
 07/07/2021  05/07/2021                    0.02465€  per share                                    2020 Dividend
06/07/2020 02/07/2020                   0.064800€ per share 2019 Dividend

Analyst Coverage

  • Buy 90%

  • Keep 0%

  • Sell 10%

 Organisation  Analyst Recommendation  Target Price
GVC Gaesco Juan Peña Buy  6.13
Fidentis Carlos Ais Sell  3.58
 Intermoney  Virginia Pérez  Buy  5.50
 JB Capital Markets  Miguel González Buy   3.50
 Linksecurities  Íñigo Isardo Buy  5.62
 Mirabaud  Ignacio Méndez  Buy  5.40
 Norbolsa  Ander Peña  Buy  5.08
Renta 4  Álvaro Arístegui  Buy  4.90
Sabadell  Luis Arredondo Buy  4.90
Santander  Carlos Treviño Buy  5.70

*Updated on 17/06/2021

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Patricia Berjón

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