DOMINION Tile System

The superior solution for your boiler.

DOMINION Tile System
Dominion Global

We contribute our know-how and expertise to all sectors of the industry where waste or special fuels have to be transformed into energy or heat. Our scope of services comprises capital/new projects, regular maintenance, outages, turnarounds, and emergency repairs.

  • Municipal Waste-to-Energy plants (WTE)
  • Biomass and RDF plants
  • Fluidized bed combustion plants



  • Long lifetime system

  • Excellent heat transfer

  • For less heat transfer alternative material based on Al2O3 or similar

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Fixing devices completely protected by SiC tile

  • Self-positioning tiles

  • Backfilling forms strong bond on metallic tube wall

  • Backfilling material made of self-flowing ceramic SiC (alternative based on Al2O3)

  • No point-loads due to conical washers

  • Use of gun welding machine

  • Ceramic suitable design

  • Low slag build on walls

  • > 3 years warranty depending on the application

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