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Leading manufacturer of industrial steel chimneys worldwide.

Steel Chimneys
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We offer end-to-end capabilities in the area of steel chimneys for industrial purposes. With a focus and dedication on development, production, innovation and turnkey-solutions, we are the preferred global supplier of industrial steel chimneys to worldwide sites.

Our production sites are in Esbjerg, Denmark, in Kosice, Slovakia, and in Northern America where we embrace the highest standards on quality, technology, and modern equipment.


Giving expert advice on all aspects of steel chimneys, we also deliver fully integrated solutions on engineering, manufacturing, delivery, project execution and installation, as well as inspection and maintenance services to worldwide sites. The journey and success of each project is important to us, and every single detail is valued.

Our products and services include:


New Steel Chimneys Design, Engineering & Construction

Steel Chimney Maintenance

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We commit ourselves to continuously improve all aspects of our company effectiveness, including the holding, management, and maintenance of international quality standards such as EN ISO 9001, safety policies and environmental requirements. We are members of various global professional associations and committees, such as:

  • ACI-307 committee member
  • CICIND member
  • ASME STS-1 CDI steel stack design code
  • ASCE, AISC AND AWS member

And we meet all standards for structural steel design and constructions and have been authorized to issue CE certificates for steel chimneys according to:

  • EN 13084-7: CE marking of flue gas leading inner liners in chimneys
  • EN 1090-1 : CE marketing of the bearing shell of chimneys

Certificates in our workshops are among other also held for:

  • EN ISO 3834-2: Quality of weldings
  • EN1090-2 : Welding certificate

And our experienced installation team holds several continuously updated certificates to execute worldwide works.



New Steel Chimneys Design, Engineering & Construction

Steel Chimneys:

We offer engineering for new steel stack supplies – not only combined with production, but also as an independent supply. Static calculations of existing steel chimneys are also carried out.Each steel chimney is designed according to the customer’s special requirements and demands, and the design is based on the national standards in force and the project specifications. Our engineering department develops steel stacks according to various principles of construction of which the following are the ones used most frequently: freestanding double walled, built-together or single walled steel chimneys. These chimneys are all prefabricated, transported and installed within a few days.


Insulated steel liners:

 We are able to deliver and install insulated steel liners into existing, newly mounted brick/concrete chimneys, or for the replacement of existing steel liners in steel chimneys. Existing brick or concrete chimneys can be made environmentally compliant with our liner solutions. Services for both the mounting of new inner liners as well as the removal of existing liners are offered.


Gas turbine steel chimneys

Steel chimneys for gas turbine plants have such large dimensions that they cannot be produced in whole sections as “normal sized stacks”. “Oversized” chimneys are produced and delivered in prefabricated panels that are bolted together or fully welded on site. We have developed best-practices on these large dimension gas turbine chimneys which result in great opportunities for minimizing costs for the customers as well as a better quality on the supply.

Steel Chimney Maintenance

We offer both compulsory inspections of industrial chimneys according to EN 13084-1 as well as required or desired repair work of existing chimneys. Our experienced service team has developed detailed inspection and maintenance programs for all types of steel chimneys. On a yearly basis, we carry out inspection on more than 700 steel stacks worldwide!


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Steel construction:

We are able to supply and deliver a complete package for the full scope of steel construction, including steel chimneys, noise absorbers / silencers & ducting.


We design, supply and mount steel ducting as total supplies both as a delivery in itself or as a supply together with a steel stack. We also offer the insulation and cladding to be included in the total package described above.


Although a chimney by itself does not generate noise, gas turbines, boilers, fans and engines can create the need for noise absorption. We are able to provide silencers and noise absorbing technologies placed inside new or existing steel chimneys or in duct systems.

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