Digital Transformation

We boast the technological expertise and knowledge of the sector to assist you in digitalising your business.

Digital Transformation
Dominion Global

Our Integral solutions

At DOMINION we believe that Digital Transformation is a distinguishing asset by which to increase efficiency and productivity and drive company growth.


Our extensive expertise in business and production processes allows us to apply technology to all activities making up the value chain, in different sectors and areas of economic activity. We have proprietary digitalisation solutions to address the main challenges that production plants face.

LYNX allows you to collect, process, control and monitor important data from production lines, energy consumption and other elements of the industrial process.


An innovative work model to address the challenges of the industry, always based on effective, updated information available in real time from any place.


Solutions measured for your business

We design bespoke integral solutions based on companies’ requirements. We implement them to transform our processes and we will help you in managing them so as to achieve maximum performance.


DOMINION offers a series of tools which consist of specific software used to optimise management in the industrial sector. These are benchmarks in terms of efficiency, safety and prevention.

BEGIRALE a company pioneer in the application of intelligent video content analysis technology in order to detect safety critical events in the railway network.

Solutions for optimal health centre resource management via the cloud.


We renew the technological equipment of the Antofagasta Hospital in Chile

DOMINION provides the Technological Infrastructure Service of the Antofagasta Hospital in Chile.

We Are Diversity. We are DOMINION

Did you know that at DOMINION we speak 12 languages? And that our team is made up of more than 12,500 people from four generations and 78 countries?

DOMINION has presented its new Strategic Plan until 2026 and will reach an EBITDA of €150 M (+20%) this year

DOMINION has presented its new Strategic Plan until 2026 to investors and analysts at its Capital Markets Day held this morning in Madrid.

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