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Solar towers
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We are the undisputed industry leader when it comes to the design and construction of concrete solar towers for thermosolar plants, having been responsible for building the first operational solar tower in the world. With more than a decade of experience in this sector and our unique capability to offer in-house design and construction services, we’re able to offer our clients the most innovative solutions available today.




We have turnkey solar tower design and construction capabilities, which we complete with additional mechanical assembly services at the plant.

Design and Construction

Mechanical Assembly

Design and construction

Electricity is generated, by means of concentrated solar power (CSP), with receivers located at the top of an extremely tall reinforced concrete tower. The towers must be designed to withstand a maximum load at the top and must be built within the permitted parameters so as to ensure that the heliostats around the tower are positioned in the optimum direction.

We use cutting-edge technology at Dominion for structural analysis and design and we also work closely with our clients to ensure the highest possible safety, quality and productivity standards for each of our projects.

Our services include, among others:

  • Foundation design & installation
  • Design of erection of the concrete shell using the sliding formwork technique
  • Design and execution of heavy lifting procedures
  • Tower receiver deck installation
  • Receiver installation and erection
  • The design and installation of internal floors and external platforms
  • Design and construction of thermal lining around the receiver
  • Required temporary work
  • Accessories

dominion torres solares

Mechanical assembly

In addition to the design and construction of concentrated solar power (CSP) towers, Dominion is able to offer clients the additional option of other mechanical scopes of work inside and outside of the tower. These include:

  • Design and engineering for piping supports
  • Assembly of piping and plate supports inside the tower
  • Assembly of cable tray inside the tower
  • Lifting of panel boxes and transfers, insulation, tracing and wiring inside the tower
  • Installation of permanent hoists
  • Repairs to the heat shield on the receiver
  • Repairs to the hot salt tank
  • Replacement of the superheater
  • Design, supply and installation of new platforms
  • Miscellaneous repairs to the evaporator, piping and heater bay

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