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Why invest in DOMINION?

DOMINION's story is one of profitable growth; a company that has proven to make reliable decisions and to be accountable when it comes to achieving its goals. The strong growth we experienced since we were listed on the stock exchange in 2016, resulted in us fulfilling our 2015-2019 strategy one year earlier. As a result, we submitted a new strategic plan and financial guidance in 2019 which will allow us to double our Net Income again by 2023.

  • A different value proposition: a holistic view of the value chain in both B2B and B2C
  • A management model and experienced team: focused on value creation
  • Recurring cash flow generation: +€272m of operating FCF generated since 2015
  • A profitable growth story: 12% CAGR in Turnover and 16% CAGR in Net Income (2015-2021)
  • Ambitious objectives: to double Net Income by 2023
  • ESG: source of competitiveness

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Figures that support our financial discipline

One of our core principles is financial discipline: we have set ambitious goals for cash generation, returns, debt and annual growth.

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Our business resilience has given us the confidence to continue along the path mapped out in our Strategic Plan to establish DOMINION as a leading service technology company in the market.

Mikel Barandiaran

Mikel Barandiaran

| CEO of Dominion

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Patricia Berjón

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