Experts in the management of end-to-end technological equipment integration projects in infrastructures, with digitalization as our main differential feature.

Dominion Global

Technology and equipment integration for all types of infrastructures_

We integrate technology, develop end to end projects and manage the life cycles of equipment for all types of infrastructures. 

With our digital platform we are also able to maximize management process efficiency for buildings, commercial premises and households by providing all the required services from a one-stop source.

  • Experts in the end-to-end management of infrastructure projects

  • Centralised integral management of all the services

  • The first digital maintenance management platform in Spain

  • Energy efficiency solutions

Integral maintenance of infrastructures and businesses

We offer a multitechnical and multidisciplinary maintenance service, implementing digital applications which facilitate daily tasks for managers and owners of all types of facilities.

Technological Projects and Communication Systems

Our activity has always involved integrating technology in our projects for infrastructures as well as for hospitals, railway lines, exhibition centres or weather systems.

Monitored Operation Management

We are experts in implementing and managing ICS platforms that use technology as a tool to guarantee and improve system and process efficiency.

Technological Integration in Hospitals

With a team of experienced biomedical engineers, we install and integrate all the technological items at hospitals, including all medical equipment and clinical furniture, as well as the IT system infrastructure and service management platforms.


Integral Maintenance of Infrastructures and Businesses

Technological Projects and Communication Systems

Monitored Operation Management

Technological Integration in Hospitals


The technological partner for your smart buildings and business premises

Do you want to convert your infrastructure into a “Smart building”? At DOMINION we integrate the main technologies required for operating efficiency, energy, connectivity and audiovisual experience allowing your to control everything with a single click.


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