Demolition & Dismantling

Controlled demolition and dismatling services for all kind of chimeneys, cooling towers, silos, steel stacks and other tall structures.


Our value proposal


We use our own equipment to demolish structures safely, efficiently, and economically.


Our in-house team of highly skilled engineers and chimney technicians can perform precise demolition procedures in tight locations without damaging surrounding buildings, equipment, or components. All of this can be done while ensuring a safe and efficient work environment that will not disrupt daily operations of the facility, as we understand the importance of keeping an operating facility online. Most often, partial demolition and rebuilding can save a structure, providing a number of additional years of useful life.


DOMINION delivers uncompromised service to meet your challenges for safety, schedule and budget for concrete structures of all sizes.


  • Reinforced concrete chimneys & liners
  • Natural draft cooling towers
  • Concrete silos
  • Partial demolition
  • Complete demolition
  • Rebuilds
  • Other concrete structures

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