The Code of Conduct and our policies

A long-term guarantee of success

The Code of Conduct and our policies
Dominion Global

The Code of Conduct

Our Code details the standards of behaviour to be followed by all of us at DOMINION, without exception and at all times. Our long-term success depends to a large extent on our ability to abide by the code and to apply it to our daily activities.

Our clients and business partners value DOMINION as a reliable partner, thanks to our high ethical standards. This also applies to our investors and to the communities in which we operate. The Code guarantees that we will meet our stakeholders' expectations.

We have zero tolerance of corruption, bribery, anti-competitive practices, discrimination, harassment and any unlawful action. Accordingly, any doubt or suspicion of a violation of the code must be reported through the Whistleblowing Channel so that it can be handled. DOMINION guarantees that there will be no retaliation against any whistleblower.


Key aspects of the Code of Conduct:

  • Law

    Acting in accordance with the law.

  • Information

    Transparency, integrity and confidentiality of information as basic principles of action.

  • Obligations

    Compliance with tax obligations and proper use of public funds

  • Stakeholders

    Appropriate behavior with the different stakeholders

  • Facilities

    Protection of health and safety in your facilities

  • Corruption or fraud

    Rejection of any behavior or practice of corruption or fraud

  • Conflict of interests

    Fair and transparent action in case of conflict of interest

  • Intellectual property

    Respect for intellectual and industrial property rights

  • Industrial rights

    Protection of industrial rights

Our policies

Our ethical framework consists of various in-house standards and protocols. These policies govern relations with the different stakeholders and form a guide for our own actions that extend beyond strict compliance with current legislation. The Compliance Department develops and updates in-house policies and procedures.