Concrete Silos

Unique silo design and construction methodology.

Concrete Silos
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We offer expert design and construction services for industrial concrete storage silos for a wide variety of products including cement, gypsum, fly ash, limestone, grain, sugar, and liquid retaining structures.  Our expertise is recognized within the industry and has been utilized in the development of new codes and standards.



We offer clients end-to-end capabilities for their storage silos:

Silo Design & Engineering

Silo Construction

Silo Inspection & Repair 


Silo construction dominion

Silo Design and Engineering

There are many factors to consider when designing a silo including the materials to be stored and equipment and material handling requirements.

The design of the silo walls is generally very straight forward but the internal cones and floors require considerable engineering expertise and experience. Current technology often requires inverted concrete cones and we have developed a precast system with external concrete stitching to achieve a finished cone in the minimum time period. Steel cones require particular experience to achieve an economic design which would give consideration to fabrication and installation.

In addition to single silos, we have experience in the design and construction of banks of multi-bin silos for a variety of applications. Our experi­ence enables us to advise clients at the planning stage to consider the most cost-effective solution for their storage demands or to provide advice on the possibilities of the change of use of their storage silos from one product type to another.

Industries Served:

  • Cement
  • Gypsum
  • Fly Ash
  • Grains / Feeds / Meals
  • Limestone
  • Waste Water
  • Wood Waste

Silo Construction

Our unique ability to construct silos using the jumpform and slipform construction methods, allows the flexibility to meet the toughest budget and schedule challenges. Our jumpform equipment allows us to build structures with very small diameters up to those with large diameters, while the slipform method allows us to build a virtually unlimited number configurations, shapes, and sizes.

Materials & methods of construction:

  • Traditional reinforced concrete
  • R/C with post-tensioning
  • Jumpform & Slipform
  • Stand alone
  • Ganged silos

 Advantages of reinforced concrete:

  • Increased longevity and durability
  • Environmental protection of stored product
  • Impact resistant
  • Resistant to catastrophic failures
  • Eliminates the need for large (and expensive) cranes for erection
  • Better protection of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Ability to strengthen later for new applications using post-tensioning
  • No height or diameter limitations
  • Eliminates initial and frequent painting costs

Silo Inspection and Repair  

The regular inspection of your silo is key to identifying any potential maintenance and repair problems, thereby ensuring that repairs can be made as soon as possible and cost effectively. Inspections are critical for the equipment and for the safety of your employees, given that failure to do so may lead to serious deterioration and a potential failure or collapse.

We can assess the current condition of the silo structure in order to determine whether it is possible to either lengthen its useful life, modify it so that it can be used for another purpose, or whether it needs to be demolished.

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