Robot Shooter

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Robot Shooter
Dominion Global

DOMINION is one of the pioneers using robot shooters in blast furnace stacks to extend the lifetime of the shaft lining. When using this rotating Shooter, it is not necessary to enter physically into the furnace. Easy transport of material over long distances and height allows an installation speed up to 10 t/hour.

DOMINION is ready to provide a worldwide tailor-made service including well-trained and experienced staff and complete equipment.




Robot Shooter using DRY-GUNNING material

The dry gunning material is transported by compressed air to the Shooter to be mixed with water. Less equipment is needed, but the material properties do not reach “Shotcrete” level.

Installation speed up to 5-7 t/hour.


Robot Shooter using SHOTCRETE material

“Shotcrete” is a wet-method for the application of special monolithic refractory materials. Premixed, pumpable refractory castables are conveyed to the robot Shooter with special high pressure pumps (approx. 250 bar) over distances until 80 m and more. The castables are “sprayed” with compressed air through a special nozzle. Simultaneously an accelerator is added and mixed in the nozzle, which guarantees the bond and stability of the castables at their place of installation. Compared with conventional refractory casting castables, the “Shotcrete” method achieves nearly the same properties (density, strength).

Installation speed up to 10 t/hour.


Customer benefits:

  • Low downtime of the furnace
  • Low personnel need and high performance
  • Simple and quick transport over long distances
  • Safe installation method
  • Fast heating up

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