Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Where are DOMINION's Head Offices?

The Head Offices are in Bilbao, Spain.

When was DOMINION founded?

DOMINION was founded in 1999

When did DOMINION get listed on the stock exchange?

DOMINION got listed on the stock exchange on 26 April 2016

Who makes up DOMINION’s Board of Directors?

The full list of members can be consulted in the corporate governance section.

Where are the documents relating to governance?

They are available here.

What is DOMINION’s fiscal year?

DOMINION's fiscal year ends on 31 December.

Where are the results and most up-to-date financial information?

The latest results reports are available here

Where and under which ticker does DOMINION list with?

DOMINION is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange with the "DOM" ticker

Does DOMINION distribute dividends?

DOMINION distributed dividends for the first time on 6 July, 2020

Where is the information relating to DOMINION’s ESG commitment?

The information relating to Dominion’s ESG activity is available here.

Who can I contact for more information regarding DOMINION?

You can contact us directly at the following address:

Contact our Investor Relations team

Patricia Berjón

Patricia Berjón

Corporate Development Manager