Automation of Logistics Processes

The best logistics processes automation solution for any industrial sector.

Automation of Logistics Processes
Dominion Global

We apply our experience obtained in the automation sector and our technological expertise to offer automation solutions for all types of logistics processes: the transfer and handling of components, raw materials, intermediate products or end products, amongst others.



Although we are capable of automatic all types of logistics processes, the following are our main areas of expertise:

Applications with AGVs

We design and construct automated systems to handle and move loads of between 60 and 1500 kg between warehouses, between work stations or between process loading and offloading areas, with automatic AGV type vehicle fleet/vehicle control.

Palletising systems

We design and install systems that perform palletization automatically with one or more robot. This assembly is stand-alone and includes all the automatic operations for product preparation and pallet supply and disposal, including operations such as labelling, baling and final loading onto other machines.

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