Whistleblowing and anti-harassment channels

Our channels to report irregularities or any breach of the Code of Conduct

Whistleblowing and anti-harassment channels
Dominion Global

DOMINION has different channels through which any person in the organisation or related to it can report any irregularities or infringements of its Code of Conduct, as well as those conducts that may be considered as harassment.


Both channels can be used anonymously and, in any case, the absence of retaliation is guaranteed.

The ways of addressing any report are: online form and postal delivery.


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Information regarding how your personal data is processed


Officer in Charge: DOMINION

Purpose: Managing the ethics and anti-harassment channel

Rights and additional information: You are entitled to exercise your data processing rights and receive additional information on how your data is processed on the privacy portal on our website: https://www.dominion-global.com/en/privacy-policy




  Postal delivery to the Compliance Department at the following address:

Plaza Pío Baroja nº 3, 1st Floor.

48001 Bilbao (Biscay), Spain.


Anti-harassment report

  Postal delivery to the Human Resources Corporative Director to the following address:

Josefa Valcarcel, 3-5

28027 Madrid, Spain.