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Dissemination, Rankings and Certifications

In order to allow our various stakeholders to gauge our commitment and progress in the area of sustainability, as part of DOMINION's strategy we have set up the the following communication plan through three channels.


We believe that, apart from being and doing, it is very important to show the world exactly who we are and what we are doing. At DOMINION we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our non-financial information disseminated through our website, presentations and, in particular, that of the Statement of Non-Financial Information (SNFI).

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Over the last few years, sustainability indices have been gaining strength as an information tool for investors, customers and other stakeholders, ensuring that organisations comply with their commitments to sustainability.

Aware of this, each year DOMINION takes part in the most important sustainability indices, evaluating the performance of its sustainability strategy and identifying improvements that can help us to progress as sustainability leaders in the sector.

We work with the following Sustainability indices


A key factor in our commitment to sustainability is the assurance that our processes, whether these be related to safety, the environment or the performance of our solutions and services, are conducted to the highest standards in a uniform and verifiable manner. For this purpose, DOMINION has a specific department that is responsible for certifying its processes with independent audits, in accordance with the principal international standards (ISO and OHSA among others).


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iso ohsas


On the other hand, the NFIS, published annually by DOMINION, is in line with the legal requirements, specifically Directive 2014/95/EU of the European Union and its transposition in Spain through Law 11/2018, requiring publication and verification by third parties. This report addresses all the points mentioned in the standard, it has been verified by PWC, with no reservations, and it takes as an international reference the standards published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which serve to measure and report our economic, environmental and social performance.


Business model GRI[102-1; 102-2; 102-3; 102-4; 102-6; 102-7; 102-14]
Risk and Materiality Management GRI[102-15]
Corporate Governance GRI [103]
KPIs and Sustainability Strategy GRI[102-54; 103]
Ethical framework and policies GRI [102-16; 102-17; 103; 205-2; 205-3; 413-1]
DOMINION and the Environment GRI [103]
Pollution GRI [103; 102-11; 305-1; 305-2; 305-3]
Circular economy and waste management GRI [103; 306-3]
Sustainable use of resources GRI[103; 301-1; 303-4; 303-5; 303-5-b]
Climate Change GRI [103; 302-1]
Biodiversity protection GRI [103; 304-2]
Diversity and inclusion GRI [103]
Employment GRI[102-8; 103; 401-1; 404-1; 405-1; 405-2]
Remuneration policy GRI[103; 403-2]
Health and safety GRI[103; 403-2; 403-3]
Social relationships GRI[102-41; 103; 403-4]
Human Rights GRI[102-16; 102-17; 103; 406-1; 407-1; 408-1; 409-1; 412-2]
Relationships with Society GRI [102-9; 102-12; 102-13; 102-43; 103; 201-4; 203-1; 203-2; 308-1; 413-1; 413-2; 414-1]