Ceramic Welding

Hot repairs of industrial furnaces.

Ceramic Welding
Dominion Global

Ceramic welding is a hot-repair technology, extending the lifetime of industrial furnaces and postponing the shutdown of industrial furnaces for years. DOMINION offers this highly specialised service, accompanied by cutting-edge technology and equipment, providing our customers across the globe with long-lasting results that maximise operating time and the useful life of their furnaces.

Within 10 years, DOMINION NovoCOS has become the European market leader in ceramic welding, mainly operating in the glass and coke industries. In addition, it has already done hot repairs in other industries, e.g. in the lime industry or on stoves.



The ceramic welding method projects a mixture of ceramic and metal particles with oxygen onto a hot refractory substrate. The exothermic reaction at the point of impact melts the projected powder and the refractory surface to create a ceramic bond. The characteristics of the resulting weld are similar to the original refractory brickwork, achieving a very close approximation to the physical, chemical and mineralogical aspects.

Our package of related services includes:

  • Inspection
  • Ceramic welding
  • External hot repairs
  • Opening and closing of regenerators and furnaces
  • Refractory cutting
  • Regenerator cleaning
  • Design and mount of anchor system for refractory stabilisation
  • Drilling work / O2 burning system for the drilling of brickwork
  • Inspection reporting
  • Cleaning with a burner lance
  • Bottom drilling of operating glass tanks

Customer benefits:

  • Minimum downtime and reduced production losses
  • Long useful life of the furnace
  • Innovative technology and equipment
  • Lasting quality
  • Long-term solutions

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