Automation of Production Processes in the Automotive Industry

We assist the leading manufacturers in the sector with their automation requirements.

Automation of Production Processes in the Automotive Industry
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The automation projects that we undertake are particularly relevant for automobile manufacturers (OEMs) and parts or components manufacturers (TIER 1 and TIER 2 manufacturers) in the automotion sector. Our customers particularly appreciate our ability to provide the same level of service and quality at all their international plants and how efficient our operations are through the use we make of technology.

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Turnkey electric projects for welding lines for OEMs  

Integral projects which include: electrical design, PLC programming, electric cabinet manufacturing, electrical assembly, OLP, virtual commissioning, PLC and robot commissioning and technical support

Component assembly lines

Engineering and manufacturing of automobile component assembly lines. Based on the product characteristics and its manufacturing process, the most suitable solution is chosen: FMS lines, rotary, automatic or semi-automatic machines, Cartesian controllers, robots, etc.

Silicon and resin application processes

Engineering and manufacturing of application systems for silicones, putties, wax-type surfacings to protect automobile plate metal parts. These are performed using robotic systems or Cartesian controllers coupled with the additional use of an artificial vision systems to check correct application.

Test benches and checks

The engineering and manufacturing of all types of test and verification benches which are either stand-alone or part of automated assembly lines. Test systems for leakages, electric strength or mechanical resistance parameters, functional tests, etc. We completely design and integrate the system in close collaboration with the measuring systems manufacturer.

Bin picking / laser cutting cabs

Automation of Bin Picking systems, parts feeding systems, including from containers to the various machines used in the process. We also offer automation solutions for window cutting processes in 3D geometry tubes, or other types of cuts in 3D geometries.

Welding lines

The automation of welding lines including electrical and mechanical design, PLC programming, mechanical and electrical manufacturing, mechanical and electrical assembly, OLP, virtual commissioning, mechanical, PLC and robot commissioning and subsequent technical support.

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