Waterjet Cutting and Demolition Services

Technical cutting and demolition solutions

Waterjet Cutting and Demolition Services
Dominion Global

Thanks to waterjet demolition and cutting techniques, we offer solutions for concrete structure demolition and renovation work, as well as waterjet cutting of process equipment containing explosive products located in ATEX zones. 


This service provides a solution for the demolition of structures where it is impossible to use mechanical impact systems. This technique allows the structure to be selectively renovated by avoiding vibrations from being transmitted to areas in which work will not be carried out. The work is done with very powerful equipment having a pressure of up to 1,000 bar and a flow rate of 300 liters/minute.


Selective cuts can be made on metal structures using the waterjet cutting technique by combining an ultra-high pressure waterjet system having a pressure of up to 3,000 bar with abrasives that can cut up to 40 cm of metal. This cutting system is ideal for ATEX-classified zones because it avoids traditional mechanical cutting techniques.