Reducing shutdown time.

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“Shotcrete” is a wet method for the application of special monolithic refractory materials. Premixed, pumpable refractory castables are conveyed to the place of application with special high pressure pumps (approx. 250 bar) over distances up to 80m and more. The castables are “sprayed” with compressed air through a special nozzle. Simultaneously an accelerator is added and mixed in the nozzle, which guarantees the bond and stability of the applied castables at their installation locations. Compared with conventional refractory casting castables, the “Shotcrete” method achieves nearly the same properties (density, strength).

No complex formwork is need for the application which reduces shutdown time and costs for the customer.



Customer benefits:

  • Quick to install
  • Low manpower required
  • Simple transport over long distances
  • Minimized formwork
  • No dust at the installation site
  • Minimized rebound or other losses
  • Excellent sticking
  • Fast heating up

Areas of Application:

  • Iron & Steel:
  • Blast furnace stack repair
  • Main runner repair
  • Torpedo ladle maintenance
  • Cement industry
    • Cyclones
    • Calcinators (sidewalls)
    • Coolers (roof, sidewalls)
  • Glass industry
    • Fibre glass (sidewalls)
    • All glass furnace types (crowns overcoating)
  • Waste-to-Energy Industry
    • Boiler maintenance with SiC products
  • Aluminium
    • Melting furnace (roof, sidewalls above fluid level)
    • Rotary tilting furnace (complete working lining – no insulation inside)
    • Heating furnace (sidewall fluid area)

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