The benchmark partner for companies which are transforming the energy sector to accomplish a sustainable and environmentally friendly model.

Dominion Global

Power lines and renewable energy plants_

Our services cover the entire life cycle of energy assets, from the laying of power lines and construction of renewable generation plants to their operation and maintenance.

We strive to be a global partner for our clients and to this end we implement technology to maximise the process efficiency on every country where our clients operate.

  • Integral end-to-end solutions

    Turnkey projects and operation and maintenance services

  • Renewable and distributed energy generation initiatives

  • An international benchmark partner for our clients.

  • Digital transformation experts

Power Networks

The implementation and integral management of the life cycle of distribution and transmission lines, including all their infrastructures: this spans from the financial structuring and design of the project to operation and subsequent maintenance.

Renewable Energy Generation

We offer an end-to-end solution that includes everything from the financial structuring of projects to the subsequent operation and maintenance and we make long-term commitment to the operating efficiency of assets.

Self-consumption and new energy systems

Realizamos instalaciones de sistemas de autoconsumo, de carga eléctrica, Smart Meters y otros sistemas involucrados en la transformación del sector energético.

Environment Services

We have amassed more than 20 years of experience providing industrial cleaning maintenance services for all kinds of companies and businesses.

Refractory Linings

With more than a century's experience behind us, we are the historical leaders of European industry in the area of refractory linings.

Tall Structures

Global leaders in the design, construction, and maintenance of tall structures including towers, silos, domes, chimneys, stacks, and others.

Monitored Operation Management

We are experts in implementing and managing ICS platforms that use technology as a tool to guarantee and improve system and process efficiency.

From service to solution

Power Networks

Renewable Energy Generation

Self-consumption and New Energy Systems

Environmental Services

Refractory Linings

Tall Structures

Monitored Operation Management


A technological partner for the new energy model

Digitalisation has resulted in the energy sector shifting towards a distributed generation model in which intelligent networks and renewable sources are the mainstay. Find out why DOMINION is the technological partner for you in such a disruptive landscape.


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