Environmental Services

Committed to industry's sustainability

Environmental Services
Dominion Global

We are the environmental sector's leading partner. With over 20 years' experience, we offer highly technological engineering and automated equipment solutions to deliver efficiency and sustainability to the industry.


Our own in-house equipment is used to perform all kinds of activities based on our commitment to Safety, Quality, and respect for the Environment in all our operations.


Services like installation design, assembly and innovative integrated solutions specifically tailored to our customers' needs are also offered by the company.


Áreas de Actividad

The 4Ds, at the core of our business model

All our business activities are underpinned by Digitalization, Diversification, Decentralisation and Financial Discipline, in order to deliver the most advanced, reliable and closest service to our customers.

  • Digitalisation
    We selectively incorporate technology in everything we do for efficiency.
  • Diversification
    In capabilities, geographies and types of business to make us the international partner for our client.
  • Decentralisation
    We believe in decentralised management so as to be able to meet the requirements of each market and client directly.
  • Financial discipline
    As a guarantee of the strength and solvency of our activity.

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