Last stages of the automation project at Volkswagen Navarra

31 / 10 / 2018

Dominion has recently achieved total automation of the manufacturing process of body parts (tailgate and hood) of the Volkswagen 216 model (POLO SUV) at the Volkswagen Navarra plant.

 And, because of the summer stop of the aforementioned plant, Dominion took the opportunity to make the latest modifications to complete the integration of this model in the welding lines of the gate and bonnet of the sheet metal ship. It should be noted that these works have been carried out in existing production lines and in production, which means that it has been necessary to carry them out during periods of production stoppage and during weekends.

Denominated as "integration" works, these jobs are very demanding since, after each stop or weekend in which changes are made to the lines, it is necessary to make sure that when the lines are put back on track, everything must work perfectly.

Automation and optimization

The scope of the works has covered engineering and electrical installation; the programming of PLCs; the programming of robots; startup; the optimization of qualities and cycle times and the production follow-up.

"The key to success lies in the fact that Dominion has a highly qualified team technically and very involved in carrying out the tasks on time, as well as in close collaboration with the client and in an adequate planning of the work"

Salvador Marfá

Salvador Marfá

| Manager of the Dominion Automation Unit.

This is the penultimate stage of a project that began in April 2017 and will end in December 2018.

"Precisely, our good references at the Pamplona plant have allowed us to get a new contract for Volkswagen Puebla (Mexico) for the 'Tarek' model; a project that triples the scope of the work carried out in Pamplona and that allows us to start our activity in Mexico, fulfilling one of the implantation points established in the strategic plan of the Automation division ", adds Salvador.