Diari de Tarragona: "DOMINION reinforces its offer in Tarragona"

31 / 01 / 2023

The newspaper reports on the progress of our Environmental Services area in Tarragona

DOMINION, the company of services and multi-technological and engineering projects, has opted to enhance its business line specializing in Environmental Services in Tarragona by establishing an environmental hub to support local industry in its transition to more sustainable business models.

Being a benchmark in the industrial sector entails the responsibility to invest in continuous improvement to ensure the safety of our workers and contribute to the protection of the environment.

Daniel Robles Pujals

Daniel Robles Pujals

| Head of Environmental Services in Tarragona

Specifically, the petrochemical industry has an automatic tank cleaning system that allows them to clean tanks in half the time without requiring personnel access to confined spaces (no man entry). It also contributes significantly to the circular economy by recovering up to 98% of the hydrocarbons for the refining process.

In this line, the company has become the first to acquire ATEX 0 cleaning robots for confined spaces in the area. This technology, which was presented at its facilities at the end of the year, allows the company to operate from an isolated cabin and work in extreme conditions without the need to put operators at risk.

They are also pioneers in mobile degassing plants that help to exponentially reduce odors and harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The company has several years of experience in Tarragona, a key location for the business: "I am personally proud that DOMINION is investing in the city where I was born, Tarragona. We are privileged to have a unique environment: one of the largest industrial centers in southern Europe and a quarry of future leaders that provides us with the URV" says Robles Pujals.

For the head of DOMINION, who has 15 years of experience in the sector, "this stage with DOMINION is being the most intense and challenging. We continue to develop our industrial cleaning and ADR waste transport activities, but now we are committed to taking these activities to another level by acquiring the most advanced technology with a clear focus on improving sustainability".

The company says it plans to continue expanding its range of services and solutions to support its customers in the environmental challenges they face, such as mitigating climate change, promoting the circular economy and preventing and controlling pollution.

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