DietTools implements the software in the Antofagasta Hospital of Chile

13 / 06 / 2018

The Regional Hospital of Antofagasta in Chile is one of the most recent examples of the implementation in newly created infrastructures of the DietTools software developed by DOMINION. Among its characteristics, the constructed area of the new center is 123,118 square meters, housing 45 consulting rooms, 24 emergency rooms and 671 beds, among other facilities.

 In addition, this hospital centre benefits a population of 260,000 people and increases the availability of beds in the region, with hospital infrastructure and medical equipment of high level and complexity.

DietTools software, the latest technology

And it couldn't be any other way, the Antofagasta Hospital also had to rely on the latest digital technology in the field of the management of all dietary needs, thanks to the DietTools software.

"The implementation of DietTools has required the integration with the new information systems of the centre to collect the demographic data of hospitalized patients, the delivery of dietary consumption to the address and the dietary prescription from nursing".

Rafael Sedeño

Rafael Sedeño

| Product Manager de DietTools

With a presence in more than 121 hospitals in countries such as Spain, Andorra or Peru and daily managing the feeding of more than 60,000 patients, DietTools is a tool for the management of dietetics and cooking that allows to control the quality and traceability of the foods consumed by the patients in the hospital environment, facilitating the management of menus, allergies, patient preferences; menu choice and macronutrient profile of hospitalized people. It also supports decision making, helping to improve patient safety, quality of care and clinical efficiency.

Among the benefits of the implementation of DietTools are the increase in labour productivity, safety in the patient's diet, significant savings in purchases and the optimization of human resources in the hospital environment.

DOMINION is an example in the field of health thanks to, among others, the use of DietTools and FarmaTools, software that is presented as an aid in making decisions and improves safety in the use of medicines and diets, reducing costs and looking for the zero error in issues related to the patient.